About Us

Who we are?

Swansea University have funded the Swansea University Race Engineering (SURE) team since 2001. The SURE team has been racing, designing and building cars for Formula Student (FS) competitions since 2001. SURE compete in FS events across Europe They have been working alongside academic and industrial partners in order to create the most successful race car possible.


The car must have high performance in terms of acceleration, braking and handling qualities. The car must also be low in cost, easy to maintain and reliable, the challenge for the students is to design and build a car that meets these goals.


SURE is made of students across different disciplines and of all levels, of which include postgraduate students and students outside the College of Engineering. Membership is open to anyone with a passion for racing who is willing to learn and dedicate their enthusiasm.

What's it for?

Formula Student is the largest engineering competition in the world with the aim of creating better engineers by giving the students hands-on experience. Every competing team designs, manufactures and tests a vehicle with which they then compete against other teams in several different events – all of this takes place during less than one year. There are both dynamic events such as endurance and acceleration, and static events where the cost of manufacturing and the business idea of the project are presented to the judges. Overall, the car and the competitions are the means used to develop our engineering skills.


Teams are also required to present a business proposal for their vehicles and to justify the cost and manufacturing techniques used as part of their designs.


There are a range of dynamic events that teams compete in as part of these competitions, these include; acceleration, sprint, skid pan, and endurance. Each car must also pass scrutineering, which includes a technical inspection, brake test, noise test and tilt test to ensure it is safe to drive.


Why join the team?

The team is made of Engineers from across the different disciplines available at Swansea and from all levels of study, including a small number of postgraduate students and students from outside the College of Engineering. Membership is open to anyone with a passion for racing who is willing to learn and dedicate time to the team.


SURE offers a unique opportunity for students to be part of a dynamic team, somewhere to expand on your skills hobbies and interests whether it’s designing, manufacturing, business, public relations or driving. We strive for excellence and work to achieve the best results from every individual where they are able to further develop theory learnt within their degree.


SURE brings out the best in the individuals as it’s all about working hard every day and thriving to apply the best of yourself to a challenge.


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