Open day – Swansea University

10/02/2016 | admin

Swansea, UK – Swansea University held an open day on the 6th of February at Bay campus for potential engineering students, providing full tours of the facilities and brand new campus. Swansea University Race Engineering team used the S14 simulator along with team members to showcase what Formula Student is about and why potential students should join.

James Robson a first year Mechanical Engineer in the powertrain team gave his thoughts on the day. “Being in my first year this was the first time I’d represented the formula student team at a public event. I wanted to get involved to support the team and encourage potential students that formula student is a fantastic thing to get involved with. The day highlighted to me just how much I’d learnt about the car and how it worked in such a short time. I found myself talking about the engine we use and how the CVT transmission works, to someone who’d put a superbike engine in their old mini. I could see the enthusiasm in their face as they got a glimpse of what being in a formula student team was about. On the other end of the spectrum a little boy, whose brother was on a campus tour, really wanted to sit in our race car and have a drive. I had to sit next to him and shift the gears while he was happily cruising along the racetrack. The people skills you develop through interacting with the public can’t be taught or learnt in a lecture but through formula student you have an amazing opportunity develop them. My initial shift started at 8:30 and was to end around midday, however I enjoyed the experience so much that I stayed right until 4 o’clock when the car was packed away, not before a quick blast on the simulator though. If there is one thing I took away from the day it was how much I’d learnt and how much being a part of the team develops your understanding that can’t be picked up in lectures. I hope that on that day we managed to persuade more to join us for next year.”



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