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Aerodynamics plays a fundamental role, it is the science that studies objects moving through air; in this case, air is considered as a compressible fluid. Aerodynamics is considered one of the most important factor that affects the performance of a race car. At Swansea University, we work closely with our sponsors and professors using the best software packages available. For instance, the diffuser on the underbody of a car guides the incoming air at the rear upwards, this creates a suction effect towards the floor therefore creating more downforce; by using ANSYS fluent, we are able to improve the air flow for our race car.

  • Team Leader

    Maciej Oblon

    Maciej Oblon is the Head of Aerodynamics. He is responsible for the design of aerodynamic components.

    Maciej has been on the team ever since he came to the University and he has always been on the Aerodynamics team.

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