Powertrain Members

The current powerplant used in the S19 will be the Yamaha MT-07 - a twin cylinder, four stroke engine, with a capacity of 689cc. The parallel-twin engine has a 270-degree Crankshaft, which helps harmonize the inertia forces inside of the engine, which in turn gives a more responsive feel to the car. The aim of the Powertrain team is to utilise the engine as best we can with the car and to research and develop better and more efficient ways to run the engine in harmony with the rest of the car in order to get the best performance for the Formula Student Competitions. The turbocharged engine will need to offer an increase in performance as well as be reliable, fuel efficient, cost effective and a worthwhile modification. The overall aim is to make the race car more competitive at the Formula Student Competitions. This is achieved by the powertrain team through researching and developing how the engine-CVT combination can be placed in the race car, regarding a low center of gravity, direction of rotation of components, and other important criteria.

  • Team Leader

    Jack Pook

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