You will find an archive of the teams news and press releases on the Timeline, highlighting the activities and events of the SURE team and Swansea University.


  • mar2016

    International Women&...

    By:  Re-definition  Marketing Date:   March 13th, 2016  Swansea, UK – The Swansea University Race Engineers (SURE) conducted a series of events to mark the International Women’s Day on Tuesday, 8th of March 2016 at Swansea University ground. The event was held to honor women’s achievements and involvement in many areas including participation in motorsports. […]

  • feb2016

    Open day – Swa...

    Swansea, UK – Swansea University held an open day on the 6th of February at Bay campus for potential engineering students, providing full tours of the facilities and brand new campus. Swansea University Race Engineering team used the S14 simulator along with team members to showcase what Formula Student is about and why potential students […]

  • sep2015

    S15 Overview and Hig...

    S15 was a challenging step into the unknown. The team moved away from a monocoque-rear sub frame design in favour of a complete steel space frame with a carbon skin. It was hoped the new design could yield a lighter, more rigid chassis, with more flexibility for mounting components. S15 also featured the team’s first […]

  • jan2014

    New year, new leader...

    September has arrived, which means a new academic year and new leadership as our previous team leader, Andy Dodd, takes a year out in industry after two years leading the team.
    Our team leader this year is Jack King, assisted by technical director Mathew Burnell.

  • jul2007

    S7 overview

    S7 was led by Dave Meenan who took the team to FS Germany and was ranked the most fuel efficient car and came 2nd UK team. S7 used a complete lightweight aluminium honeycomb monocoque with removable bodywork panels. The aluminium honeycomb allowed for a lightweight car with a Husqvarna tc510 engine using tuned aluminium bespoke […]

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